Zwift Play + Apple TV + Android ZC

That doesn’t say what you think it says, unfortunately.

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can i pair all my sensors with the Companion App instead of Apple TV directly or is there a limitation?

I have my HRMs (Wahoo or Viiiiva),PM/Cadence (4iiii Precision), H3 Saris and ZwiftPlay connected to/thru the Companion app (Iphone 14), it all auto pairs as usual, then I turn on the Play which pairs (right controller then left controller) and it all works fine for me and easier than the Apple TV remote ,.it did take some getting used to as to a pairing sequence I found works for me the first few times it would do everything but steer or would have no brakes or some feature would be missing but with the above sequence it seems to be fine…then bump up the music and Ride On
can’t see how it would be different for Android but thats beyond my pay grade and security clearance…

Yes you can. That’s what I’m doing and it’s working well so far.


If by all you mean Bluetooth sensors - then yes. Natively - the ATV can pair to a limit of 3 Bluetooth devices (including the ATV remote). Bridging your Bluetooth devices to Zwift via the Companion app overcomes that 3 device limitation. Here’s the how-to.

Side note about ANT+ devices because that is mentioned in this thread - if the phone that’s running the Zwift Companion app is ANT+ capable, then Zwift will “see” the trainer’s, speed sensor’s, cadence sensor’s or heart rate monitor’s ANT signal.

Apple has never supported ANT+ on iPads/ iPhones. Only a few Android phone brands have supported Ant+ after 2018-ish. This list on the ANT Consortium website lists mobile phone models that are mostly 5+ years old.