Zwift Pinging Garmin Fenix 3HR Incessantly

I’ve logged about1,500 miles so far on Zwift, all of which have been while using a Garmin Fenix 3HR in broadcast mode for heartrate.  Up until this weekend, I’ve had no issues with the Fenix.

On Saturday, I connected to Zwift as usual.  Almost immediately, I began receiving messages on my Fenix from Zwift with ride data (E.g. watts, cadence, “Click to open app” message, etc).  Each time, the data only showed for a split second on the watchface,  The Zwift message was hitting my Fenix mutiple times per second, making the watch unusable during the ride.

In the Garmin mobile app, Zwift is not listed as one of the apps in the notifications screen.  Therefore, I don’t see a way to disable notifications from Zwift to the Fenix.

I tried restarting my phone (Android / Samsung Galaxy S7) and restarting the Fenix with no success.  The constant notifications are sent to the Fenix whether or not the Fenix is broadcasting heartrate.  Also, I’m running Zwift on an Alienware laptop.

Has anyone had this issue and/or have any ideas how to fix?

Thanks in advance,


Seems you are not the only one having this issue:

You might want to submit a ticket with log files to see if it can get resolve faster:


I got the same thing, I think there was a Garmin connect (GC) update that activated all notifications. I disabled multiple notifications in the GC app. I will test with Zwift tomorrow and report if it solved the problem.

I have to report that Turning off the  Smart notifications for “Mobile Link” in the GC app, fixed the problem.


No not all of them, I think the main one was the Mobile Link one. It was strange that All my notifications was turn on. I still have Email, taxt ect turned on.


We are aware and are working on it. Apologies!