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Thanks… I just discovered I have been overcharged for the last four months. No prior word from Zwift on the matter. Looks like I have to ask.

To be clear: we are NOT overcharging. We are required by law to collect tax in some regions, and we need to comply as long as the laws are in effect.

This FAQ outlines the changes that went into effect in July 2019, and customers in those regions were notified in several ways:
Existing Zwifters at that time were sent an email.
Folks that started after that date are notified upon checkout at the time of purchase.
We also have the tax policy posted in our terms of service.

We’re not happy about the added cost on your end, or the increased complexity on ours. But we have to pay the tax people. If you want to change that - please contact your local elected officials to change e-commerce laws.

No email or any other such notification. No invoices/receipts from Zwift either. Only Paypal payment notifications. FAQ is as clear as mud.

I am also curious how Staff claims I have not been overcharged when Tom in the same situation is issued a refund.

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This is factually incorrect. :woman_facepalming: Here is the checkout page:

Why did Zwift decide to write TOTAL INCLUSIVE OF TAX and then add tax later?

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That’s the exact screen I saw when paying also. Then sure enough the $22 comes out

Are you Aussie Tom?

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During the year, there are months that I cannot use Zwift. Can I pay only for the months I use?

Hi, Rui,
yes, you can. I’ve already used this option several times:

  • just cancel your account - that’s it )

The coolest thing is that when you canceling your account (payments stops), but Zwift still keeps all of your data (your in-game lvl, your bikes and achievements!), so you can come back several month later and have your own account just waiting for you ).


or cancel only the payment?

This is the thing, sounds strange, but you just canceling your account. And by canceling the account your canceling your monthly payments.
By the way, you will still have about 20 or 25 km free ride per month. And Zwift run is still free for the moment.

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  1. Log in to
  2. Select your profile icon in the top right corner.
  3. Select My Profile .
  4. Go to Settings .
  5. Select Billing .
  6. Select Cancel membership .
  7. Select Confirm Cancellation .

Ride On.

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I too am in Australia and I had the $19.99 which includes taxes on my first month but was charged $21.99.

Looks like this problem also happens with pre-paid membership cards - Last week I bought a 12 month membership card from Pushys in Brisbane when I got my new trainer and after I applied the card my account now says I will be charged $2 on my next payment which is illegal with our tax laws

. The card I purchased included Tax so Zwift can’t charge me tax again.

I’ve emailed Zwift and I’m waiting a reply …

Jumping onto this thread as I saw it on the Zwift OZ FB page.

Looking at my AMEX card I’m paying 16.49USD per month which with conversion fees etc goes to 24.73AUD a month. Are we saying then it should be possible to convert it to an Australian charge and pay less? If so how do I do this?

Just cancelled my sub and then repurchased. Pricing is correctly displayed.

Double check your invoice/receipt? - You should not have been charged GST on the gift card. I sell gift cards in my company, and no GST is chargeable on gift cards themselves. GST is charged at the time of purchasing the items that you pay for your gift cards. The gift cards are, in effect, cash. If you had a 19.99 gift card for Zwift, eg, you’d have $19.99 to redeem. The monthly cost is AUD$19.99 PLUS GST - so the cost is AUD21.99. Your card is $2 short - hence the extras.

Has anyone received an email about the change? If so please can they post it. I’ve searched my notifications from Zwift and can’t find anything from July 2019 about being able to pay in AUD. I’m paying US$16.49 which is AUD $24.81 via Paypal. How long does it take for the membership to be cancelled - does it run to the end of the payment period or is it effective immediately?

The email explaining the addition of taxes to your subscription should have been sent out several days before the first charge that would have been affected. More information on the change can be found here.

As for the option to pay through non-US currency, that was added a while before then. The system wasn’t able to automatically switch you over, but canceling and starting a new subscription should fix it. In case you need instructions for canceling, that would be here.

Additionally, your membership will continue until the next bill date regardless of when you cancel.

i got a bit sick of this overcharging as well. i got a one year sub from wiggle - they charged what they said they would and the physical card arrived in the post.
they are out of stock at the moment, and they sell out fast, so should tell you? :wink:
zwift, its pretty simple, if you are charging $AUD 21.99 then put that in your pricing cost, not $19.99 as you do. Residents outside of the USA don’t put up with the ridiculous price creep that occurs in your country. oh, that has tips and state tax extra…

In the Czech Republic, EUR and USD are not the national currency. I have to be given a choice

If you use one of the accepted methods of payments (named credit cards, paypal etc), they will do the currency conversion for you. Does this not work?®,billing%20information%20and%20select%20Update.