Zwift outdoor run with Forerunner

Hi, i’ve paired my forerunner 255 with Zwift on my iPhone and took it outside for a run. The speed I develop is insane, more than 17 kph in zone 2 HR… Is there a way to calibrate the Garmin with Zwift while running outdoors?

Being paired to Zwift should have nothing to do with what running you do outdoors, sounds as though you need to set it all up in Garmin connect

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On the garmin support page it has the following:
“When running indoors on a treadmill, the final distance reported from your watch may not match what is displayed on the treadmill. This can be caused by the make, model, or calibration of the treadmill. If the watch has detected a distance of at least 1 mile or 1.5 kilometers, it will have an option to ‘Save and Calibrate’ when you stop the activity timer on the watch. After selecting ‘Save and Calibrate’ the watch allows you to input the distance reported by the treadmill. This will calibrate the watch to improve the distance accuracy for future runs at a similar pace.”

To replicate that for outdoor running I’d try running a known distance outside, at least a mile, and use that as the “distance reported by the treadmill” for the calibration.

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i did calibrate in zwift. also run zwift outside. and had also a gps watch to check.