Zwift or Me?


Is there any way to establish if I have a bug in my set up, wahoo’s bits or Zwift!

Whilst doing longer sessions I’m being hit with a bug that kicks in around 1:20 into it.

Today while doing the tour stage up the alp I was into the last Km or so when resistance on my v5 kickr dropped followed by a total loss of everything

Power, cadence box in top left blanks out, avatar stops pedalling and then after a few seconds the other riders disappear and the connection disconnected message comes up.

I jump into the menu and my turbo is showing no signal, it’s connected via direct connect dongle, but if I switch it all to Bluetooth and exit the menu I’m back in the game.

It did the same in a normal group event a couple of weeks ago.

Set up is

Kicker V5 on last firmware with direct connect plugged into mesh access point.
Apple TV 4K

Music was streaming from Apple Music throughout without interruption and speed tests show a sub20 ping and 130/30 down/up

Any ideas ?


Music streaming is buffered to tolerate network interruptions, so that doesn’t tell you anything about Internet connectivity with Zwift. Riders disappearing is generally a problem with network connectivity to the Zwift servers. Loss of power and cadence is usually unrelated to Internet access, but if using Direct Connect or pairing via Companion it could be explained by a disruption of your local network. If I had to guess I would say this is a problem with the mesh network devices.


Any idea of the extent of buffering Apple Music would use though, my training peaks suggests it took 2 mins to get it going again. And I didn’t have to alter the network connection… just change from dir-con to bt on cadence, controllable and power tabs.

This happened to me the other day in a group ride, DC quit working on my kickr V5, had to switch to BT to continue,… Although in my situation everyone stayed on the screen, it took about 2min for the DC to come back and function for me to switch back. Don’t know why it did it, hasn’t happened again

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The more important question is how long it took Zwift to recover from an interruption. Most client-server applications implement progressive back off to avoid overwhelming the backend infrastructure when they have an outage that affects many or all clients. They don’t want every client to reconnect at the same time. So the client may pause before reconnecting for a progressively larger amount of time. It may also introduce some randomness to the back off duration, also to reduce the chance of a “thundering herd” hitting the servers at the same time. Even if the interruption is short, the time to reconnect may be longer.

Any idea of how far into a ride you were when it happened?

I was on Climbers Gambit route and IIRC, I made it across the bridge with the plane in the water, and just started the climb marker and it kicked out there.

I’ll be doing the climbers gambit route myself later (been doing all routes on each stage), so I’ll be on the look out for glitches in the same area that could suggest a Z issue.