Zwift on Xbox One

(Daniel Smith (AZ)) #1

As others have mentioned/suggested having a Zwift app for Xbox one would be totally sweet.  The Xbox one has a USB 3 port so connecting an ANT+ dongle should work.  While I have a powerfull enough PC / laptop being able to view Zwift on my large screen TV and not on my computer screen would be much better.  Not to mention that if I have my Xbox One in a different larger room than my home office that would allow for a more pleasurable experience

(Jeff Burke) #2

I have mine run through my xbox one.  I run an hdmi cable from pc laptop to the HDMI “in” port on the xbox.


All you do it goto watch live tv and your computer desktop opens on the screen. Works flawlessly.  You can even snap a Skype window and ride with a buddy.

(. TomH..) #3

Hi Daniel, 

This is something we’re looking into, it’s not only about compatibility but also about licensing, updates functionality, xbox online memberships etc. but stay tuned to find out in future.

Thank you and in meantime Ride On! 

(Michael Henasey) #4

\Build is later this month and we will all learn about UWP more and MSFT’s strategy on how this is all going to work.

It’s certainly a niche audience but will help those without a gaming PC but that have an Xbox be able to experience Zwift with better visuals. The question is, how many people are out there that Zwift and have an Xbox instead of a more powerful PC and would this really make a difference?

Has Zwift thought about creating a Zwift ‘appliance’ that would include everything someone needed to buy, plug in, and start riding immediately?

(Paul Stratford) #5

Sign me up, I’m interested.

I’ve got many older Macs and PCs, the “newest” one is a late 2008 MacBook Pro, Zwift runs but it’s all very jerky as you would expect. (How about a wireframe mode? Cycling in cyberworld circa 1996)

Anyhow, I’ve got restricted space to use the trainer in my living room with the Macbook sitting on an armchair over to the right, the fan resting on shelving in front… but what I do have is a TV, an Xbox One and the ability to move a table slightly to the left so I can ride in front of it.

As you’ve mentioned, \Build is coming and there does appear movement on the Windows 10/Xbox front.

An ANT+ or BLE dongle driver could prove interesting. There are other fitness games available on the Xbox - having the API make heart rates, speeds and cadences available would certainly open up things. 

(Brian Harris) #6

+1 for Xbox One Support.  Would be a great solution if possible.  But my Surface 3 (not even the pro) is doing ok for now.  

(Russell Grant) #7

I would also love to see Xbox One support, would make it faster/easier for me to setup and break down. Currently using Mackbook pro but it’s a bit of a hassle getting it setup

(Mike Hanney [KRT] #W4R) #8

Wouldn’t Xbox support require Zwift to be rewritten to use DirectX instead of OpenGL though? I can’t imagine the economics work out yet - multiple versions would be very costly to maintain, and dropping OpenGL isn’t an option or you’d abandon Mac users and any plans to run on tablets (don’t think any iOS or Android device run DirectX). I do think a lot of users would buy a console just for Zwift though.  

(Jono Wilkinson SUB2) #9

I’d LOVE this. I currently run zwift on my work macbook pro. It sort of runs ok with all the settings set low. Otherwise it runs at about 5fps. 

My gaming PC is old, but still works, would probably run zwift very well, but it’s upstairs in my “office”. There’s no room for a bike in there too, and I don’t want to take it downstairs. 

Being able to “play” zwift on the xbox, utilising its graphics and processing power would be amazing. I’d be able to use my big tv at decent frame rate and visuals, in my living room where there’s plenty of room. 


(Bike Gnome) #10

Yep ,add my vote for the xbox one version…


(Laurie Smith) #11

For small form factor that is designed for graphics, Xbox makes sense.  Plus, think of all those teenagers that have so many hours gaming…they will be future customers when realizing exercise=health.

(Rob Lewis) #12

Definitely plus one for Zwift on the Xbox one. Its a dedicated graphics machine that you can get for just over £200. Thats cheaper than pretty much any laptop and can do the graphics of a top end gaming PC at a 5th of the price of the alienware that seems to be used a lot. There seems to lots of chatter about zwift and apple TV, but thats never going to have the graphics capabilities of an X box, and Virtual enviroments are all about the graphics and the enviroment. It will run music and videos. It makes the perfect stand alone solution for the pain cave. You can already get games that run on both xbox one and windows 10 pc. Come on Zwift, don’t mess around with apple TV and so so graphics. Give us the best experience and give us the x box one!

(Michael Henasey) #13

4th generation Apple TV uses the same CPU/GPU as the iPhone 6 and iPad Mini 2 which are both supported by Zwift.


(Daniel Smith (AZ)) #14

Totally agree with Rob Lewis.  And to add to his comment ZWIFT claims to be a cycling video game.  So why not port it to one of the best gaming platforms available Xbox.  Maybe go one step further and port it to Play Station too. I ride on ZWIFT 3-4 times a week and having it available on Xbox would IMOO make is a much better game and an even better experience.  The graphics capabilities on the Xbox are amazing and with the upcoming Scorpio console will be better than any PC or MAC with true 4K capabilities.  Please ZWIFT, partner with MS and port ZWIFT to the Xbox platform


(Edward Riordon) #15

I’d also love to see a UWP Windows 10 app which runs on the Xbox One.  Please work with Microsoft to get all the necessary APIs in place to make this happen.

(Reece Nolan) #16

100% need an Xbox One Zwift App.

Currently having to run off the Iphone 6 App, have only rode a short ride on one occasion due to how much battery the app consumes.


(Krister Ekelund) #17

+1 for the Xbox One, would love to run Zwift on my Xbox One machine.

(M ig Ferreira (Team TUGA)) #18

Another vote for XBOX One Support. Come on Zwift: all the right reasons exist to go this route. 

(Patrick Schmidt) #19

+1 In support of this request

(Steinar Hansen TeamZF [V]) #20

I Wold love to see this happen. Xbox One X would make a much more interesting and easy/accessible experience. It would just sit under the TV and always be ready. Now I have to connect the computer and hook up various cables to get it going on the big screen.