Zwift on pc non focused not recording?

I use zwift as foreground app when actually following a workout or doing a race.
However in the morning after i get up i do some cycling in a very low HR zone. I used to do this with my polar and netflix in front of me. However i disconnected my polar so i had no way of telling my speed, cadence or HR afterwards anymore. So i decided to fire up zwift, setup all my sensors. Then opening up netflix and started to ride.

After the ride i closed down netflix and looked at my zwift, only to see that i did 0km’s during that 45-minute routine. Does zwift not record when another app is in the foreground?

P.S. i opened netflix AND zwift on my laptop

I do this on my Mac. So I would have assumed it would have worked on pc. Did the devices actually get paired? Did your polar thingy steal the signal?

No the polar thingy is completely out of the picture, it doesn’t even have bluetooth, it used the old W.I.N.D. technology… so impossible it stole the signal. By devices were paired before i clicked start free ride. I could see my HR and i could select my cadence and speed meters after rotating a few times.

I surely didn’t close zwift, i just moved my netflix screen in front of it, and after 45 minutes it recorded nothing. It did ask me to save my ride when i clicked end ride, but i find nothing on my zwift activity feed for today, nor on my strava (which should sync automatically)

It’s weird and unfortunate for sure.

Next time either ride for a minute and look or keep the top left of zwift visible so you can see you power numbers. See if it does the same thing.

I saw posts from people stating on android the lose connectivity when switching to another app. So i just wondered if maybe pc has this same issue :slight_smile: