Zwift on New AppleTV 4K

The game runs far better on the M1 Mac Mini, but it’s still not the highest quality (and I’m pretty sure it’s kinda broken at present anyway). It runs via emulation, not natively.

Got this from Zwift Support:

I m sorry that you’re not happy with the way that the Apple TV works. At this point, we’re not sure if we’re going to support those new pieces of hardware from Apple. We’ll only know once they’re put out, and then we’ll need to do the coding for all that, so please give us a bit of time, and then let also be checking the Zwift forums

This is legit?

Wow… just wow… well… if Zwift drops the Apple TV, i’m definitly going to drop Zwift.

I assume they won’t ‘drop’ the ATV support. The way I read that is they don’t know if they’ll support the capabilities of the new hardware. (Or at least update the gfx to be on-par with the ATV4K v1).

Other platforms have already taken advantage of the new remote, with great results. It’s MUCH easier to navigate their menus with. I’ve also had confirmation by a third party the BLE limitations still exist on the new ATV4K.

Zwift - Can we please have a little more detail on the ATV4K v2 support ETA? The generic support desk reply is not up to scratch and leads to confusion as posted above.


Don’t worry, it’s not legit. I don’t mean someone at Zwift didn’t say it, I mean I can guarantee you it’s total nonsense. :rofl:

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Yes, i understood that. But for me abandoning “new” hardware is kinda the same - it’s just a slower version of dropping support.

Agree 100%.

I use the Apple TV 4K because it avoids all the fuss of computers, Windows, etc. Zwift will do well to consider the amount of users they will aggravate if they don’t support the newer hardware.

I get the meaning of that message before, but maybe the support person could have worded it better.

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Correcting my statement. My IPAD is an A14. I’ve noticed if the battery is charged, performance greatly improves. Less that 20% creates issues.

Well, ATV was supposed to be the first platform for the once and future UI upgrade. Didn’t happen, supposedly first because of northern winter in 2018, then the COVID surge in 2020. Ever? I have to say, though, that ultra graphics are secondary or maybe even tertiary for me.

Speak of the devil … ATV 1.0.71228 loaded on my ATV today.

can someone post a comparison screenshot?

This only means it was brought to speed with the existing ATV 4k graphics…

Give it a week, I’m sure @Shane_Miller_GPLama or @Ray_Maker_3777 will get around to posting up a YouTube.

It’ll be one of those “Well, there’s nothing else to make content on” posts if I do. It looks like ATV4K from 2017… as far as I can tell. No new remote support means having to get frustrated at the menus…


:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I forgot about the remote. Maybe wait until the next update to see if they include the remote.

Maybe this point is still interesting. I sometimes had problems with audio. The Zwift sound was played on the TV despite the selection of my Homepods. Maybe a small subtle difference?

So I just got the new atv 2021 for my new gym setup, and it seems to work well, connects quickly. But it is bkth ugly as sin and I 100% get all the hate towards the apple tv remote. If I could request one thing, it’s to get those directional buttons working with the game!

After that, maybe make the graphics just… Slightly less awful, if that’s at all possible on the hardware.

While the directional buttons may not work, you can select an option at the intersections by swiping across the touchpad.