Zwift on multiple computers

(Francois Modave) #1

I have zwift installed on a mac that my wife is going to use now (the mac, not zwift). How do I get to download zwift again on my new machine? Do I have to request an invite again?

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Just use the original “you’re in” email that you got and follow the link to download.  You can download to as many machines as you wish, but only one can be logged into Zwift at a time.

(Francois Modave) #3

Perfect. Thanks.

(David Sack 50+) #4

Keep in mind any pictures or ride (.fit) files will stay on the computer that was in use when that specific ride took place.

(Scott) #5

As long as you have saved your ride, the FIT file will also be available for download from the dashboard

(Craig Pate) #6

Another similar question…when you go live can I have my account setup on multiple computers?  I split time between two locations and have desktops at both.  Will it matter which computer I log onto?  And have a seamless trail to my summary page?

(the fridge) #7

I don’t have the email any more… so where can we re-download? I am installing it on a windows pc to see if the graphics are better than mac.

(the fridge) #8

i found it …