Zwift on Macbook Air

(Bec McGrandles) #1

Hey all,

I just have a general question regarding using Zwift on a Macbook Air.

Recently (predominantly in the last week or so) I have been experiencing issues with Zwift where:

*When customising and saving new changes (kit, wheel, bike change), the saving process takes minimum 1-2 minutes to save. This also occurs when accepting a workout to complete from the menu. 

*When someone gives me a ride-on, the screen freezes/glitches momentarily then the blue thumb comes up on screen and the rider continues on. 

*Riders disappearing from the screen in the middle of a ride a reappearing. 

*AI riders being non-existent. 

*Leaderboard showing a few names, scattered and the rest being blank. 

*Showing on screen I’m the only rider on course and online, no riders whatsoever (both IRL and AI). However, it does display on the right hand side that there are XXX amount of riders, but my name is the only one visible.

Is this an issue with my Macbook Air? I will admit, I did purchase this in 2010 and I have read the minimum computer requirements here ( as well as here ( .%C2%A0)

I’m confused if this is a laptop issue, why now?

I’m running on OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.2.

Appreciate any opinions. 


(Y ohans) #2

I have run Zwift on older and more recent MacBook Pro’s. I have a MacBook Air about the same age as yours and I doubt that it’s capable of running it. 

However, I suggest creating a support ticket with the Zwift technical team who will help diagnose the specific issues for you. 

(Bec McGrandles) #3

Thank you for your help - I agree. It was working unexpectedly quite well when I first joined and used Zwift in August with no problems. It wasn’t until late October to now that I’ve been experiencing these minor issues happening whilst riding. Perhaps with more and more versions being released, it’s struggling with the increase in graphics quality. I think I’ll submit a ticket and see how it goes, cheers. 

(Steve C) #4

Sounds like it’s dropping it’s Internet connection?

All the things you describe are dependent upon a connection - ride-ons, saves, other riders. The actual course and your ride through it are ‘local’ to the application.


Do some bandwidth checks etc.

(Jake Olson (C)) #5

I have the same problem on my 2013 Macbook Air.