Zwift on Galaxy S22

Does anyone have experience with Zwift on a Samsung Galaxy S22? It seems that this smartphone would run Zwift almost comparable to a gaming PC? Not a cheap smartphone and to avoid disappointment I would like some feedback before I buy this device.

You only get the basic profile whereas you can get ultra profile from a suitably specced PC. A PC is substantially cheaper too.

Not in any aspect whatsoever.

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Hi guys. Thanks for the reply. I was already a bit afraid of that answer. I’m currently running Zwift on my old Galaxy A40 by mirroring the display using a chromecast. Given that my basement gym has little free space, a good solution. But I have to replace the A40. Recently I came across a video on YouTube (first try on Zwift in 4K). If I compare that with my A40… A gaming PC will be ideal but will take up more space and all it needs to do is run Zwift. In the smartphone shop they advised a Galaxy S22 Ultra. An S22 is not exactly cheap but you can do more with it than just Zwift and that makes it interesting. But I have no idea what Zwift looks like on an S22Ultra. If that’s not much better than my A40 then that purchase would be a mistake.

It will look exactly the same. A PC to run Zwift in Ultra profile (4K resolution is highly overrated btw) can be knocked together for a quarter of the price of that phone. Not as small of course.

I had this error on the old phone, but on the new version everything is ok