Zwift on Android showing Black Screen


(Vincent) #1

Hey Zwifters,

The Android Beta has been experiencing black screens during rides/runs for various Android devices. We are investigating this issue and will update this post once we receive new information. Thank you for your patience!


Asus ze520kl
(Naoto Sakakibara) #2

Same black, xiaomi redme note 4x

(Florian R) #3

Same Black screen with xiaomi redmi 5 plus

(Christoffer Nilsson) #4

Only black in just rides.
Often red screen in workout Modes.

Lenovo tab 4

(Kim Insoo) #5

Huawei media pad m3 showing black screen.
Please update quickly.!

(Yoshiharu Ito) #6

main screen is black out.

(Tony Paez ZHR (D)) #7

I am seeing the same behavior in my Lenovo Yoga Pro Tab 3

(Will) #8

Hello Tony,
The Yoga Pro Tab S3 uses a CPU chipset that Zwift has not yet tested:

CPU : IntelĀ® Atom x5-Z8500
GPU: HD Graphics (Cherry Trail)

Once we have a device internally, we should be able to sort it out quickly.
We have resolved this issue for other devices over the last few months.

I would add that the GPU is underpowered for our game, so once the issue is fixed, the game will still likely run at a slow frame rate; but it should be usable.

We sincerely appreciate your patience as we work this out.
-Android Dev Team

(Tony Paez ZHR (D)) #9

Thanks Will for the update.

One thing I would like to note from a separate issue on this same device is that since my graphic issue of a red hue or just a black screen appeared a few weeks ago, I have not had a single frozen session. Since I had originally started using the beta back in November I would experience numerous consistent app freezing whether free riding or races.

Thank you for your time.


(Will) #10

Duly noted. That could point to a graphics-related memory leak of some sort.
Appreciate the detail.