Zwift not syncing with Strava

(German Sember ODZ c) #21

hi Paul. yes it is connected, but it won t sync. thanks for the info. now I know that the garmin alternative won t work.

(Paulo Pires) #22

Last night my zwift session did’t sync with Strava nor with Connect… after having already done so. Strange! Also when I go to connections  Strava is not connected anymore. So I reauthorize!. I did this 3 times already.

Last night after it didn’t sync I checked connections, and Strava wasn’t linked again?!?! So I reauthorized.

But Connect was still holding, although the activity was not there also. 

I’m still a total newbie and changing hardware setup, ANT+ sensors etc. Maybe that has something to do with the Strava connection disapearing. Don’t know. Anyhow I’ll be more vigilant now for the Strava link vanishing and try to figure it why.

Also I tried to manually send the .fit file to Connect and… ERROR!!! Bahhh!! AT least Strava processed it.

(Paulo Pires) #23

Just a quick update: I now know there is an open issue with Strava connection disapearing. Also there was an error with my fit file that prevent Connect from processing it… 
I passed my fit file into some fit file correction site and I manually upload it to Connect also.

(German Sember ODZ c) #24

well, quick update. After two days, sunday zwift ride suddenly appeared in strava. did nothing. touched nothing.

(Sheldon Tu) #25

Happens to me 2 days ago. I use macbook OS and my ride suddenly stop upload to Strava. Try everything I possibly could to resolve the issue but no luck. Zwift technical support was nice and helpful but unable to fix the issue and claiming it’s due to my internet latency which I have no idea as my internet is working smoothly without any interference and I wasn’t streaming any audio or video while Zwift is trying to upload my ride.

I really don’t know what’s going on but it seems so many riders having the same problem and why can’t they just look into the issue and fix the problem. I am thinking to switch to a different virtual reality training software anyone has any suggestion?

(Chris Walsh) #26

Fix the problem Zwift. This is ridiculous

(Rodrigo Peixoto) #27

Same problem here. Was working nice untill yesterday. Today it just wont upload to Strava, only to Garmin…

(Martine Vogelman) #28

I have the same problem. Anyone able to help. Been uploading to strava all the time but this morning’s ride is recorded on Zwift, upoaded to Garmin, But not to strava. Any idea how I fix?

(Chris Miller) #29

Having the same issue. Woke up this morning - knocked out 60km. I’ve been riding on Zwift for nearly 1year. I didn’t do anything different. Noticed my iPhone didn’t give me a Strava or Garmin upload notification.

Tried all the troubleshooting and did a short 1km ride. No luck.

Deleted all my apps. re-synced everything again. Did another 1km ride… No Luck…

Rather pissed off tbf!


(- Jock TSVL Qld) #30

Come on Zwift - if the problem is on your side or with Strava ?? at least leave a post so we know the matter is being attended to . . . 
This is a huge waste of time trying to pair and troubleshoot - 

(Gabe Sk8 3R) #31

My morning ride didn’t sync to strava either. It started today since yesterday my rides synced as usually. I don’t know if it is zwift or strava but hope it is fixed soon.

I will not do anything on my end until I see some official post about what is going on and how to fix it.

(Gabe Sk8 3R) #32

I uploaded my ride in garmin, which synced with strava. However, I noticed the ride is missing a few miles and is 7 minutes shorter. This has never happened before. It is like that in zwift, so it can’t be strava’s fault this.