Zwift not syncing with Strava

(Andy Geall) #1

Zwift won’t sync with my Strava, rides and miles are recording in the app and the error seems to kick in when I save my ride at the end of a session. Tried to upload it manually to Strava but just says error. 

Close to cancelling my Zwift account ruining an indoor training week I had planned. 

Not happy

Andy Geall

(Steve Dunphy) #2

Andy Geall,

I am experiencing the same issue with my first ride with Zwift. Everything is paired properly, Strava shows that Zwift  has access to my Strava data. Tried downloading my ride and entering it manually to Strava but can’t even do that.

What’s up with that Zwift?

Steve Dunphy


(Pat De Sanctis) #3

I am experiencing the same problem just everything worked until 2 days ago.  My ride is on zwfit but does not upload on strava.  Zwfit still can not figure out I’ve asked them to call me or will cancel. I also tried downloading it but strava error malformed so can not save it.  What ever

(Throstur Bjarnason) #4

Same problem here, suddenly I cannot sync from Zwift to Strava like I did before without any problems

(Paul Allen) #5

Disconnecting and reconnecting Strava resolves this issue most of the time.

(Throstur Bjarnason) #6

Still having the same problem, Strava disconnected and connected again.

(James L Fraser) #7

me too - it never was a problem before

(- Jurgen TACX Neo ZF) #8

Me too,same problem when i make connection in settings with strava confirm and go back in the lenu,when i then return to connections, the connection with strava is gone…not happy

(- Jurgen TACX Neo ZF) #9

With my it’s okay now, i have done the syncing via my pc in place of my Smrtphone

and now it works !

(Glenda George) #10

Zwift and Strava not Syncing as it did. I have already siconnectwd and reconnect Strava many times . Will not stay connected. I use an I pad.

(- Jurgen TACX Neo ZF) #11


I had the same issue,but it’s solved after a make the connection with my pc (firefox browser) .Log in in my
and make there the connection with strava in the menu connections,by my it works great afterwards. Greetings…

(C Sharpie) #12

I’ve the same issue, zwift is not uploading to Strava, started yesterday. Tried reconnecting loads of times and it won’t.

(John Miller) #13

Me too. I’m not paying £12.99 and joining if it doesn’t work properly. My sample ride recorded okay and my Strava account is connected properly. Like a lot of software, one step forward, two steps back!

(Paul Allen) #14

This seems to be an issue on Strava’s end, not Zwift’s. I think there was a post on the Zwift forums yesterday saying that Strava was having issues with auto uploads from 3rd parties (like Zwift).

(Karl Fogarty) #15

Same thing happening to me. Anyone found a way to fix it?

(John Miller) #16

I’ve been in touch with Zwift support and I was told

“I’ve passed your ticket onto our tier 2 support here at Zwift.” 

When I hear something, I’ll post the answer here.

i did start another ride briefly to see if it now worked and I did have the option to save to Zwift + Strava, having disconnected Strava and re-connected,so I’m assuming future rides will be okay. So far it’s been sunny enough to go out in the cold winter sunshine here in the UK, so I’ve not needed Zwift again… yet!

(Dennis Grondman) #17

I have the same issue. Apple TV works fine to upload to Strava but pc won’t upload to Strava even wen i try to download the .fit file from Zwift and upload it to Strava manually it doesn’t work… I hope It will be fixed soon! 

(Mike Ayres) #18

I was having no problem at all syncing between Zwift and Strava until today. I will try doing this using my PC as suggested above  (I have been using iPad only up to now) but need an admistrator at work to load the software.

I did connect with Zwift Power yesterday using my Zwift ID and did wonder if this might have screwed anything up.

Has anyone had any further news from Zwift or Strava on this issue. It is a key attraction of Zwift that it connects with Strava so it would be nice to think that somebody at one of the 2 was on this.


(German Sember ODZ c) #19

Same here. Zwift will upload to garmin Connect but not to strava. 

I have Garmin connect set to upload to strava, however it will upload the activity when hitting the road, but not from Zwift. 

I tried everything you mentioned here (from PC, disconnect, reconnect etc). no luck.


(Paul Allen) #20


Do you can Zwift connect to Strava? Garmin will not automatically upload to 3rd party sites if the activity did not originate from a Garmin app/device.