Zwift not syncing to Garmin connect

(eric thomas (V)) #1

For some reason zwift is not syncing to garmin connect for me. Last successful sync was after stage 7 of TdZ on 1/22/19. Anyone else having this issue?

(..Troy) #2

I had the same problem for a ride or two.
Someone suggested disconnecting Garmin from
Zwift, via the app, then reconnect again.
So far its been ok.

I started to record everything via Garmin again, just
to be sure.
Hope it works for you

Ride On

(eric thomas (V)) #3

In the companion app or the program on my laptop?

(..Troy) #4

I did it from the companion app.

(..Troy) #5

You could also check on this forum under “Bugs and Support”
the thread “Zwift won’t upload to Garmin Connect”

(Mike Lister (DACE)) #6

No issues syncing for me, although Garmin doesn’t recognise Zwift mileage for intensity minutes which is a shame.

(Gary Johnston ) #7

Been having issues uploading to Garmin Connect for about 2 weeks now, they upload sometimes. Always upload to Strave though. Have disconnected Garmin account from Swift and reconnected but doesn’t seem to have made any difference.