Zwift not sending saved non-event rides to Strava

Yesterday I was back on Zwift, did test riding Innsbruck and Volcano Circuit. All was working well while cycling on my turbo trainer, ended the ride and saved them. Neither were paired with Strava!

I entered in an Italian Event as a test ride, rode about 5 km before ending and saving the ride. It worked and was posted on Strava so I did another test, rode on the Volcano Circuit, ended and saved to Zwift. This did not get posted onto Strava. Went back to the Italian Event and it worked!

Why is Zwift only saving ABCD event rides to Strava but not Innsbruck or the Volcano Circuit?

That seems strange. We have not seen any reports like that.

Did the activity save in your zwift profile

No, the activities didn’t save in my Zwift profile according to Companion but I still have the photos.

Today all seems working ok so far so perhaps first day back niggling problems yesterday?

I think there is a minimum distance for rides to save and sync to Strava, were your first two test rides longer than the Italian event 5km?

About the same length for the Volcano Circuit and about 3 km for Innsbruck.

Not that then, I think minimum is 2km.