Zwift not responding this morning.

Did anyone have trouble with Zwift this morning? For me, it started with a sideways view of the track and using the numbers to change view did not help. The view changed once I started pedaling, but my bike wouldn’t move. Zwift kept flashing (not responding). A reboot to my laptop did not help. According to the right hand side of the screen, I was the only one on the island…I don’t believe that. If this happened to you, how did you resolve?

i had issues this morning too. i just joined and set it up last night, and it worked fine then. when i went to start my ride this morning, though - around 7 am EST - it found all my ANT+ sensors, but i couldn’t start riding. it showed me a view as if i were standing next to the road and looking out over the water, and it just stayed stuck on that view. tried a few times and eventually gave up.

about half an hour later, i tried reinstalling from the .dmg file. reopened and had no problems, but as you said, it looked like i was the only one out there.

i figured it was just my computer, but maybe not…?

I started up around 6:30 cst. As Lynette and Andrew reported, after syncing with my Kickr and HRM, it started, but the view was looking out over the road, sideways. I pedalled my bike, but nothing happened. I restarted Zwift and saw a similar view, but further down the road. I restarted my laptop & noticed that it installed some updates. After that Zwift started and worked fine – but I was the only one on the island for a few laps. After a fhandful of laps, there were suddenly more people on the island. Most of the people had fewer laps than me – so I’m guessing that they had just restarted a new Zwift session.