Zwift not pairing with TrainingPeaks

Yesterday my TrainingPeaks workout showed up in Zwift and worked fine as usual.
Today it does not show up. I know others that have stated the same issue, yet I don’t see this addressed anywhere on the Forum or by Zwift.
What is the solution? Is Zwift no longer supporting TrainingPeaks like it dumped Apple Health?

I’m having the same issue today. Hope this gets resolved soon.

I have the same issue with my TrainingPeaks workout not showing up in Zwift today after installing the latest update. I ended up building the workout in Zwift directly. I have never had this issue up until today. Did Zwift intentionally remove this feature? I certainly hope not…

Found out the hard way myself. Zwift ambassador said issue is being addressed w/ a fix by 3/15.

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I still have problem with TrainingPeaks and Zwift :frowning: And it happens quite often. should contact support today otherwise zwift is meaningless to me … :((

Happens to me also. I disconnect and reconnect them. Don’t know what else to do.

Sucks but good luck getting a useful response here or from what passes as zwift tech support.

Zwift ambassadors know absolutely nothing.

I recently had an issue between TrainingPeaks and Zwift. I had to disconnect and revoke permissions several times before it worked again.

I’m sure that wasn’t what you want to hear, but That was my solution.

August 20/22 and that issue all over again , speed targets(running ) from Trainingpeaks are translated to different values when imported to zwift.
Can find a suggested solution anywhere.