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Hi there! Any chance you can incorporate chainblock technology or nft rewards to Zwift? Would be cool to be rewarded with something we users can use or benefit from or actually own… Just a thought… Thanks!

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What is that?

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block chain = crypto
nft = non fungible token, usually in the form of digital artwork where a person owns their copyright. it’s the latest digital fad

Come back in about 2050 and you might have some luck.

NFTs have not really hit mainstream games yet I doubt it’s even close to being on a zwift radar with all the other things they have going on.


Here’s the cycling version…

It’s not mainstream yet.

Platforms like Socios are selling Fan Tokens, which give Football Team Fans a chance to vote on what music should be played before games, or when a goal is scored.
I think some Cycling Teams might come out with something similar.

The NFTs are verification that you own a Digital Asset, like a Fan Token.
It could replace/sit alongside the Private Zwift Events links, or however you assign kit to Pro Riders.
A Fan Token or NFT could integrate with the Clubs Feature. So there could be a Fan Club for a Cycling Team, or a Club for a popular NFT Set such as Bored Ape or CryptoPunks.

Zwift could connect to your Wallet, look for supported NFT Asset IDs, and if you have a Cycling Team’s Token, you then get that team’s jersey/bike in-game.

Obviously, the in game kit creation takes work for Zwift. So a lighter-touch interaction might just be rides.
The Cycling Team can host private Zwift Rides/Races/Workout Series, and the Cycling Team’s Fan Token can provide access to these events, in lieu of the Private Zwift Event link.

This is not just cycling teams, but also charity partners and other brands.

On the flipside, Zwift could sell NFTs, or have NFTs as prizes.
Those NFTs could be, for example, for a Zwift Branded Arch, in The SandBox, or DecentraLand.


Like the way you are thinking. I’m just getting into NFT’s (been in crypto a while now) and am starting to see the applications.

Imagine a virtual coffee shop at the base of the Alpe, but you need a certain token to get in and join the conversations. Or better yet, you own the “land” the coffee shop sits on. Or NFT’s tied to completing certain rides, analogous to the jersey/t-shirt you only get if you complete an event. The list goes on and on.

In the meantime, stacking ETH, SOL, MANA et al.

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You are early… the sol ecosystem has just begun minting NFT’s, it’s not mainstream in any sort of way, but don’t miss out on some of these projects…. For example - bear market bears, they sold out fast… “flashy flamingoes” are minting now for .3 sol… more than happy to help you all out of too would like…. Most of you are probably familiar with discord…. Start poking around there…. I’ve got a discord I just linked to some good resources if you would like to learn more and I am more than happy to answer questions there… we are all still early and learning so please know that goin in.

I was looking to throw money in the garbage. Hopefully, this becomes a reality.


I’ve got some real estate on Mars that you may be interested in.


They will wish they had listened to you. @Vencent_Jareno Because the Metaverse becomes more mainstream it will be to late. Zwift is perfectly poised to capture an untapped audience for the NFT explosion. NFTS and the Blockchain are the biggest thing since Web2.0. I hope someone at Zwift sees your post


I agree!


Ride to earn on the Ethereum blockchains. Layer2 ether daaps.

Are you paying the gas fees?

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If I have ride 5 hours a day I will front the gas fees. Whatever it takes for integration on the Ethereum blockchain. Earning in game NFTs can’t happen fast enough.

that’s a huge expense. just stay clear of eth and there are better options.

I am good with other tokens even one built on Ralley

I’m not really up with all this token/gas fee world apart from knowing the horrendous fees I’ve paid for various coins. Genuine question - where I come from, 5 hours of riding at say 200w generates only .20cents worth of electricity (which is like nothing in every other currency), of which I am sure my trainer, computer and screen have more than chewed up. So how would generating NFT’s in Zwiftand transferring them be possible unless the gas fees are virtually zero (and without increasing Zwifts monthly price)?


NFTs are supposed to be something that exists purely in the world of science fiction.

When a new concept comes out, the first people to use it are usually hoaxers.

However, NFTs is now a big deal in the West, and truly responsible countries and governments would be cautious about trading virtual goods.

Of course, there are some people in developed regions who are just too rich to buy NFTs, and I have nothing to say about that.

I would pay less than one percent of their price to have a designer draw me a unique Bored Ape avatar