Zwift never launches

(Mark Finning) #1

Ok, Fresh install, the zwiftsetup.exe runs, I login and it spends about 5 minutes downloading and installing. The installer says it has finished and I can now use the icon to run it.

Using task manager I can see when I launch Zwift that “ZwiftLauncher (32bit)” is running…

So, I get the option to create an account or login, I have tried both to get different details. The login appears to work.

Then the launcher appears to be running, and I see a few tiles which seem to be introducing me to aspects of zwift for about 10 seconds. Then that disappears from my screen and I can see in task manager that Zwift Launcher disappears.

Then I am left as if I have never lauched Zwift.

This is on Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit (I saw no option or detection that I have 64 bit so I assume the installer did the correct thing).

So, Zwift doesn’ even attempt to run.

This is odd. Before I had Windows 10 I had it running and installed fine on Windows 8.1 64 Bit. This is a fresh faced completely clean copy of Windows 10 on a new Hard Disk.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Mark,

Please submit a support ticket for further assistance:

(Steve Carter) #3

Hi mate

I have exactly the same problem. Was using Zwift perfectly ok last week on Windows 10 laptop 64bit. I click on the icon to use at the weekend and it goes through the same screens then just disappears. Ive checked the log files and it states monitor not found so not sure what monitor it refers as im using a laptop and have been since day 1.

Ive also uninstalled and reinstalled and the same thing happens

Ive raised a ticket but other than automated response not heard anything.

Im gutted as just bought a smart turbo especially for Zwift!

(Mark Finning) #4

Your problem seems a little bit different in that you have had it running on Win10 64bit before, although what’s happening to you now seems the same.

Where do I find the log files so I can see what mine says?

I raised a ticket immediately that they asked, nothing back yet.

I actually went through the process of installing it on my new Win10 installation as I was about to purchase a smart turbo for it too, that’s on hold if I can’t even get Zwift to run.

(Mark Finning) #5

Found the log… same as you… No monitors found, assuming that’s to do with ones you look at then hmmmmm, I’m typing this looking at the one I’m using.

[13:55:06] Log Time: 13:55:06 2015-10-20 

[13:55:06] Loading WAD file ‘assets/global.wad’ with file.
[13:55:06] Successful audio init!
[13:55:06] Initializing graphics window of size 0 x 0
[13:55:06] GLFW ERROR 65544: No monitors found
[13:55:06] Failed GLFW init. Returning

(Steve Carter) #6

here is my extract from my log

[19:58:33] Log Time: 19:58:33 2015-10-18

[19:58:33] Loading WAD file ‘assets/global.wad’ with file.

[19:58:33] Successful audio init!

[19:58:33] Initializing graphics window of size 0 x 0

[19:58:33] GLFW ERROR 65544: No monitors found

[19:58:33] Failed GLFW init. Returning


so exactly the same, I wonder if its looking for a windows monitoring service, im gutted as I managed to get 2 goes on my new turbo and now screwed, they are normally pretty responsive so hopefully one of us will get a resolution

(Mark Finning) #7

My gut tells me this is something to do with graphics drivers, I’m running Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2Gb myself, which is hardly weird. The drivers are bang up to date too as they updated only 2 weeks ago to the latest version 358.50

I still haven’t had response from them, but have added all the detail possible to the ticket.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #8

It’ll take a bit - we are swamped, Mark!

(Mark Finning) #9

I bet, that’s a big beta programme you’ve got running now, it must be madness even without the ever looming and increasing pressure of getting it to market.

(Steve Carter) #10

Hi mate 


i think I have fixed my issue they were talking about software I have called team viewer which enables me to remote into another machine. It got me thinking about an app I use to remote into my work desktop called Citrix. I launched task manager and stopped all the Citrix related services and lo and behold Zwift launches and I logged in ok. Ive not tested the turbo yet but getting Zwift to load is a step in the right direction. If none of this applies to your issue I hope you get it sorted soon 



(Mark Finning) #11

Ok… I have found the problem (unrelated to yours).

Basically, NVidia’s the drivers which Windows 10 installs rather than using any form of stripped down driver (In laymans terms you’ll see Nvidia in your System Tray next to your clock when these are installed) interferes with the monitor drivers for the system. So, in the device manager, where you see your monitor(s) you will see a tiny icon which shows it is not enabled (as Nvidia has grabbed control of it).

So, right click on your monitor(s) and select ‘Enable’. Nothing weird happens, you will notice nothing happening, but then you run Zwift and it works and will work any time you want it until you shut your computer down.

When you’ve shut your computer down, each time you boot you will find you have to go through the process of Enabling your Monitor(s) in the device manager again to get Zwift to work.

I have informed Zwift of this.

A screenshot is attached of Device Manager showing monitors in the process of being enabled.