Zwift mobile companion in shed with no wifi

(Jonny Wignall) #1

I use zwift in my shed (for cycling using ant+) , I use a LAN connection from the house to my laptop (25 meters away)

now I have bought a bluetooth milestone footpod to use for zwift run

The zwift companion works in the house (producting the little pulsating B at the top) But not is the shed as it apparently needs the laptop and iphone to be linked via wifi , sadly , iy doesnt reach my shed.

is there any way around this ?

I can use zwift running just on my iphone , but it is tiny and i am concerned about the amount of data i may be using.

many thanks for any help

(Paul Allen) #2

Connect that LAN cable that runs out to the shed to access point or router with WiFi.

(Jonny Wignall) #3

thankyou Paul - it didn’t cross my mind that these might be available, sounds ideal.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #4

Windows PCs with WiFi should also be able to turn a wired connection into an access point itself and it behaves as if it’s on the same network as the wired computer.