Zwift Mobile and Garmin 935

Today when I was Zwifting, unlike previous times, my Garmin 935 watch got constant spam from the Zwift Mobile app.  It would happen more than one time a second.  I had to unpair my watch from my phone to stop the spam.  Was there an update to Zwift Mobile link or something?  This has not happened to me before.

My watch would vibrate, tell me my power and to touch something to connect to the app.  But it happened multiple times a second.  Pushing a button on the watch just did whatever that button’s function was on my watch.  Please help!  It’s very annoying.

I’m sorry for the belated response! I don’t know if you saw the other thread, but there appears to be a workaround while we work on fixing this: turn off smart notifications in the “Garmin Connect” app for “Mobile Link”.

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend giving that a try to see if it solves the problem.