Zwift locks up when I try to exit on Dell XPS9570

After riding with no problems, once the activity is saved and I try to exit, the program sometimes locks up, forcing me to turn off the computer entirely.
I have a Tacx Neo 2 and HR strap that connect via ANT+ through a dongle. I have no problems logging in or with anything else, it’s only when I try to exit after riding that the Zwift program locks up. I am not using the companion app.
I am using it in windowed mode because the first time it locked up I was in full-screen mode, but it doesn’t seem to matter, since now it locks up either way.
I just started using Zwift three days ago so it should be on the latest version.

Windows version?

Latest graphics drivers from Dell site?

Antivirus software?

-10 Home

Disable Bitdefender and try without it.