Zwift locked up during epic ride [MARCH 2024]

69.7 km into Zwift Games stage 3 epic ride and the app is not responding. If I force quit do I lose out on finishing the ride?

Yes. It may save a partial ride but you won’t be able to finish the route or the event.

What are you running the game on? If PC, please share the hardware specs if you are interested in advice about avoiding crashes.

An i7 Windows 10 laptop. Already force quit. Saw no way to resume. Did see partial credit in myzwift. So much for the badge and large bonus.

If you see a setting in Zwift for Video Screenshots, turn it off and see if that helps. Whether the setting is present depends on which generation of i7 you have.

OK, I will check, thanks.

It seems sad to me that there are so many issues now for which the ‘solution’ seems to be to turn off the videos. Especially since I don’t recall anyone ever asking for that feature. Surely being able to organize our garages wouldn’t lead to repeated crashes of the game.


Bold assumption.

Video screenshots are nice for catching/demonstrating bugs to report here but the performance hit isn’t worth leaving the setting turned on.


The damage seems to be mostly confined to PCs which have the greatest amount of variation in performance across the range of CPUs it’s enabled for. I mostly run Zwift on an M1 Mac and I have zero issues with stability with video screenshots enabled. I think part of the problem is the blunt instrument that is the way they qualify PCs for the feature based on some assumptions about performance that don’t hold up. And perhaps also that the underlying implementation is completely different on PC.


I never had any stability issues from it but with a 10th gen i5 and a 1660 my framerates dropped by a third with the setting turned on. As bad as Zwift performance is to start with it just wasn’t worth leaving on.


Turned off video screenshots (and uploading before saw turning off screenshots, lol). Hope that fixes the issue.

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Also, after the first hour, my trainer would drop for 5-15 seconds about every 2 km. Related to screenshots or something else?

Hi @William_Hosch, thank you for reaching out on our forums.

It sounds like you might be having signal interference. We have some steps that you can take in our BLE and ANT+ Interference Troubleshooting Tips guide.

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Thanks, I will look!