Zwift Layoffs, More Updates

So, anybody hear about the Zwift layoffs and kibosh of the Zwift Bike?

Part of the article said that Zwift was going to put more effort into more frequent and better updates to the game.

I would totally be up for paying a subscription for running in exchange for some more events like TOW etc. (I know, there definitely seems to be less runners out there to fill events, but one can hope).

Another thing that maybe they should focus on is convincing some of these companies with smart treadmills and spin bikes to integrate with Zwift. For example my Bowflex T10 boasted that it integrates with Zwift…me thinking that meant it displayed on the screen…nope, just transmits speed. Yeah, I bought it anyway hoping one day they’d open access to the screen. But man, there’s a whole slew of ifit, bowflex, nordiktrac techy stuff they could work together with. (Peloton is probably a non-starter)

Anyway, I’m just rambling and was trying to drum up some conversation in the running forum.

What’s your thoughts?

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