Zwift kids trouble making account

Hey, my name is ihsan and i am a 14 year old trying to get a zwift kids account. My parents allowed me to made a zwift account since i dont have many time to train outside but still need to train. When i try to register my zwift kids account i checked on my parents email and it doesnt give any procedure about getting the zwift account, the only email my parents received is a “wait email” from zwift. I register the zwift account 2 weeks ago and still doesnt have answer, i already contact the support team but they havent replied yet, and my parents dont use zwift so i do everything on my own. Can someone please help me? Thanks :pray:

Also i made this zwift account just for forum, i register another email for the zwift kids account.

Have you checked the spam folder? Sometimes the email gets filtered into there.

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Yes i already checked it and nothing is there. I forgot to mention that i registered on august 18th. Is there anything i need to do besides filling the application?

As you are under 16 it might be best if @joules was be able to help you with this issue and may wish to deal with your request (or your parents request?) outside of this public forum.

I hope you get the help you are looking for and are riding on Zwift soon.


Hi @Ihsan_Arifin ! Welcome to the Forums!
I located your requests, and can see there were some hiccups with the submissions that are causing the delay. Since account issues are too sensitive to discuss via Forums, please keep an eye out for an email from Zwift Support shortly.


Ok i received the email, thank you very much for the help joules. :pray:


Do you know how many days does it take to open up a kids account? My kid submitted the form today

I’d say that it can take up to 7 days. I renewed mine a few days back and was able to get it renewed within hours, so I guess it just varies.

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Hi @John_Michalopoulos - Welcome to the Forums!
I checked our system, and it looks like your request was processed and responded to already. Fantastic!
Please be sure to follow the account set up instructions in the follow up email from Support, and don’t hesitate to reach back out to our Support team if you have any trouble. Cheers!