Zwift kids account private

Is it possible to make a kids account private or somehow make it that they have to approve followers so not just anyone can follow them?

In the Companion app go to Settings\Privacy and enable ‘Approve Follow Requests’ option

I thought they were already private by default

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Yes, they are private by default unless your older than 13 I think.

That option is grayed out on the kids account

When I went to follow my son’s accounts they did not need to approve me first. Would me being the parent mean I could automatically follow them without approval? I doubt zwift would be set up that way.

Hmmmm, that is odd. My account is automactially private and I can’t change it to public. Maybe you have to be 13 or older to have the choice of private or public… To change it to private just go to settings, then privacy and then you can select private.