Zwift / Kickr Trainer 2 / Pairing / Instructions / Inconsistency

(Scott Baldwin) #1

Again, no pairing of BLE sensors to Macbook.  Different advice from different reps.  Some say use Mobile Link, others say just connect with MB BLE.  Gotta use two mobile apps and a MB app to make it work…really?  It should just work.  Zwift can’t seem to figure out how to provide “simple,” easy to locate, instructions or make the process simple and intuitive enough to not need them.  And, they have trained tech support to solve problems by pushing research to the customer.  I have enough to do during the day.  So, I’m not planning to pay monthly for another headache and support reps that refer me to tomes of research instead of focusing on problem-solving.  I have read it all (or what I can find), I have updated firmware, I don’t have interference, and I’m seemingly similar to what looks like hundreds of others in the same boat.  We didn’t even get to the “no resistance / inconsistent resistance” issue I have when I can “intermittently” connect when I happened to by chance align the sun/moon/stars.  Again, $1,600 later, hours of research, technology trial/error, miles of spindowns, and no ride tonight…and likely not one in the morning…in -3 weather.  That’s ok, I’m saddle sore from just sitting here trying to make it connect.  Spectacular.  I’m going to return the Kickr/PWR2, because it bought it to use Zwift, which seems impossible.  I just didn’t forecast the dysfunction.  The site seems legit.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Scott, sorry to hear of the trouble.   Good news is that thousands of people use a macbook + kickr over bluetooth with Zwift so this should be something simple to solve.  Very common and reliable hardware you have, and no need to mess with any sort of Zwift mobile app here (although that is useful troubleshooting technique).

A key thing to know about a KICKR with bluetooth is that only one device can connect to it at a time.  Before try to pair in Zwift, you should ensure the blue LED on the kickr is off.  If it’s not, it means some other device has grabbed the connection.  If it’s on, you need to figure out what is holding on to your kickr.  It could be a mobile app on your phone, or a bike computer. 

Once you have the blue light off, you should then fire up Zwift and immediately upon entering our device connection screen the light should go solid blue.  Once it goes blue, within seconds you should see it appear under the POWER section (give it a click and see if its in the list).  If it doesn’t go blue, make sure bluetooth on your laptop is toggled to the on position. On OSX you can find that by looking for the bluetooth icon on the top status bar in your operating system and clicking it.

If all that fails, I suggest shutting down Zwift and getting the wahoo fitness app on your phone or tablet.  This will let you do two things.   1) It will let you prove the wahoo kickr is functioning over bluetooth, and 2) assuming it sees your kickr it will let you check for firmware updates. Maybe they have addressed any communications issues in an update.

Hope that can get you through the issue.  


(David Gibbs (Red Rider)) #3

The blue light on a kickr2 blinks when nothing is connected. It goes on solid when connected.

(Scott Baldwin) #4

Thank you, this did help.  Pairs instantly with the Wahoo Fitness app. Pairs intermittently with Zwift.  Once paired, either way, there is very little resistance, ergo not much power (sub 200W).  The resistance doubles once I quite the ride and am not connected.  Am I supposed to do the spin down in a certain gear?  Do I change gears during the Zwift ride?  (doesn’t seem to affect power).  Again, not looking like a keeper here.  I’m dreading boxing this up and would love to make it work.  This is just silly.

(Scott Baldwin) #5

Still no pairing success on BLE with Kickr/Zwift.  So, after reading quite a few complaints from Kickr users struggling to pair with Zwift, the overarching opinion is that Zwift has a BLE connection problem and that there are one of two workarounds.  In some forums, Zwift acknowledges this (although they don’t seem to have informed their tech support folks).  The first solution is to use an ANT dongle instead of BLE (which sort of defeats the notion of having BLE connectivity in the first place).  I didn’t have time to go get one today, so I used the second, which was to use Mobile Link to pair through my phone, which is a pain.  But, once I did this successfully, I was able to get the Kickr to change resistance properly and I had my first short but successful ride.  

(David Gibbs (Red Rider)) #6

I’ve had no problems pairing my kickr2 with my phone or Mac. Few people I know have had problems also.

usually, pairing problems are due to other apps or devices connecting before Zwift.

you probably should call wahoo. They are very good with support. 

(Scott Baldwin) #7

Wahoo was my first call.  But, after watching the Kickr pair with no problem on the Wahoo app, performing a spindown on their app, and seeing it connect quickly and easily to their app, it’s clear it’s a Zwift problem.  I have also made certain to eliminate any other device from the area that could be interfering or grabbing BLE, and ensure the “blue light” is acting appropriately first as well as ensuring I’m not near any EMFI (yes, that was alleged as well).  So, this is most definitely either me using Zwift incorrectly or Zwift not working.  I’m using it as I see instructed, and I see quite a few folks in forums and on Google complaining of the same problem…so much so that Zwift acknowledged it.  If you type Zwift Kickr Bluetooth, you’ll see more problems and solutions to problems than you will see accolades for sure, so this is a perpetual user dilemma for many.

(Scott Baldwin) #8

By the way, thank you, David, for continuing the provide advice here.  I do appreciate it.

(Jason Brannen) #9

I have used my Kickr 2 for the past year with Zwift seamlessly.  Since 7 days ago…new zwift update? Now it will not pair?  It pairs instantly with Wahoo app as well as the zwift mobil app buit wont pair with my macbook pro.  Please help!

(Jim Engelerdt) #10

I’m having the same problem, although the blue LED on the Kickr is solid.  If I unplug and plug the Kickr back in I can connect.