Zwift keeps starting my treadmill on iOS | NoblePro Treadmill

Hello Team

I have found that when using Zwift with my NoblePro Elite treadmill it keeps starting the treadmill every 7 seconds or so no matter my input. This only occures on my iOS devices and only started happening following updating to Zwift 1.0.48093.

I did some Bluetooth snooping and found that Zwift was sendind 3 commands to the treadmill every 7 seconds which resulted in the treadmill starting no matter the user input. The FTMS commands are as follows:

0x00 = Request control

0x07 = Start or resume session

0x11 xx = Set indoor bike simulation parameters

The treadmill fucntions perfectly without Zwift and with no issues using an Android device. Please help as this is effecting my use of Zwift.