Zwift Island Underwater on Strava

(Steve Whiteley) #1

Sometimes it’s in water, other times it isn’t - not hugely important but other Strava users do see it.

(Nick Luhr) #2

That has nothing to do with Zwift since what you see on Strava is a product of the Google Maps API used to display those maps.

(Aaron Deutsch - BMTR) #3

Not sure that’s right Nick, all of my rides on Strava take place squarely on the landmass whereas most of the rides from one of my friends is underwater.

(Nick Luhr) #4

I have seen what you’re referring to a little while ago (couple weeks maybe?) but I can’t find any examples now. I’m pretty sure it was a glitch in Google’s mapping that caused the island (which is a real island… Jarvis Island nearly due south of Hawaii) to appear funny. It was probably a difference in geodetic datum for the various historic versions of the map that caused it to look like half the island was just water.

Google appears to have possible fixed it though because I can’t find an example now. Do you have an example of the error or better detail of how the issue appears?

(Aaron Deutsch - BMTR) #5

I just checked my Strava feed and the one person who I was going to use as an example now has the map showing correctly.

(Nick Luhr) #6

I guess we can call that fixed whoever did it :stuck_out_tongue:

(btw I am NOT part of Zwift, Strava, or Google, just a frequent user of Google Map Maker to edit little issues with things. It’s possible that somebody else on GMM corrected it somehow though I’m not aware of if that’s possible or not)

(Aaron Deutsch - BMTR) #7

I knew I wasn’t crazy, I saw this problem on facebook. See:

Facebook uses Bing for maps as mentioned here:

(Julien Bachmann) #8

I have the same issue now. I just uploaded my first .fit file to strava and I see my route is under water

check this activity:




(Paul Allen) #9


That is normal for Strava to map it like that. Remember, Watopia is a made up place created by Zwift. 

If it is that big of an issue you should also contact Strava and see if they can resolve it.

(Steve Ellis) #10

The Zwift volcano roads, IIRC, in real life are over the ocean, not on land. 

You’ll also see your Zwift Watopia events in the water on Strava when you’re going through the underwater tunnels to the mountain and to the road to ruins.

Strava is showing you real world maps, while Zwift are free to put roads (and scenery) all over regardless of whether the real world land actually matches that on the islands, if I read correctly, of Te Anu and Naunonga in the South Pacific Ocean.