Zwift Island - a future beyond the Island?

So I am thoroughly addicted to the Zwift Beta program and have completed over 250 laps around the island (over 90 pizza slices). Are there any plans (months, years, decades) for additional courses? I shall continue to circle the island awaiting a response from the masters of Zwift Island.

I can’t speak for Zwift, but of course there will be more options.

This is Beta. The testing that’s going on doesn’t need variety in scenery or events. Once things are settled, it will be a (relatively) simple matter to add routes and events.

Yes on all counts! But making these things take some time so thank you all for your patience during the beta :slight_smile:

Super Awesome! Just got my invite last night and instead of going to sleep, decided to set everything up and do a couple of laps. Super impressed with the technology and how real it felt. Minutes just flew by :smiley: