Zwift is not going well guys! Not responding...logged in roads to ride!!!???

(Rolf Riley TABR'18) #1

This is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Zwift is not responding cintinually, I log out/ in and it tells me im logged in but there are no roads to ride try later …what is the problem…to many riders??? It’s not a connection issue this end, everything else online works just fine, its a problem at zwift which zwift need urgently to fix.


(Rolf Riley TABR'18) #2

could this have been because the update just arrived 30 minutes ago? Todays ride went well with no such issues. Hopefully that will continue.

(Jason K) #3

There’s a few reasons that error message can show up beyond server issues; and since we haven’t had problems for the last few days, we’ll work with you through the support ticket you opened to see if we can figure out the problem. Keep an eye on your inbox!

(Karl-Heinz Stavinoha) #4

Please help. I have the same problem

(Paul Allen) #5

From Zwift:


Jason K.
Today at 12:47


We’re currently having some login issues where some users are either unable to log in with a “No Roads to Ride” message or seeing a very slow login process where the avatars aren’t loading properly or the riders nearby list isn’t loading.

Our server team is investigating, and we appreciate your understanding as we get this sorted out.