Zwift iPad OS not accepting input on login screen

Previously used Zwift without problem on my iPad Pro 12 gen 3 (latest iOS version).

Updated to 1.23.3 (100641) and it no longer allows me to add any text in the text input fields (username/password) on the login screen, so I can’t log in to the app.

I have tried reinstalling the App, inclusing deleting data, but no luck. I have tried without the magic keyboard, rotating the device etc, but nothing works. Totally locked out as this my only Zwift device.

Anyone else have the same issue, or may be able to suggest a fix?

As an update, it looks like support for the Magic Keyboard Case was broken in the latest update. Removing the iPad Pro from the Magic Keyboard and rotating it allowed me to use the software keyboard to enter data and log in, which I guess is something. As soon as I try with the magic keyboard again, no dice.

When you say latest version of iPadOS you’re on, is that 15.4.1? I have just tested your example on an iPad Pro 11" (2018) with Magic Keyboard (both from 2019/2020) in iPadOS 15.4.1 and wasn’t able to reproduce the issue.

Have you checked the three contact needles between the keyboard and iPad? (I’m guessing they’re okay, or otherwise you’d experience issues in other apps.)
If all okay, perhaps it’s very specific to versions of the Apple hardware?

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Thanks a lot for the reply and checking/trying to repro on your setup! The OS I am using is indeed 15.4.1 (the latest one in Software Update). The iPad model is the iPad Pro 11" 3rd Generation (2021, M1).

The Magic Keyboard works fine in all other apps (and is only a few weeks old), so I am pretty sure that there is not a hardware fault there - also, it worked perfectly with the previous version of Zwift I had installed. The issue has first appeared in the 1.23.3 release I installed yesterday.

As you say, I guess it may be specific to my device or h/w setup. Thankfully the workaround is to just not use the hardware keyboard to enter my login info and set up the session (I can control the app with the companion app on my phone once the ride is in progress), so I guess I’ll keep going like this for now.

If it’s helpful I’ll check out if things work with the Magic Keyboard in the next Zwift release and update this thread.

Many thanks again!


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