Zwift ios with android ML?

Hi there,

Quick question. If I am running zwift on ipad pro or apple 4k tv, can I still run ZML on my android mobile handset ?

Many TIA

Yes, it doesn’t matter the platforms that it is running on.

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Many thanks Paul :slight_smile:

On a related (but admittedly different note) - I am running Zwift on my Windows laptop and use ZML on *both* my Android phone and ios iPod Touch. I was hoping to have both ZML’s in-the-game simultaneously so that I could be on different screens in each, but when one came up, it would kick the other one out of the game. TL;DR it would be nice to be able to be in game from multiple ZML connections. If one is supposed to be able to do so, I’ll just cross my fingers and toes next time.

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