Zwift iOS and Computrainer?

Any creative solutions that I might be missing to allow the upcoming Zwift iOS version to be used in conjunction with my Computrainer? I have an iPad Air; and it would be nice to have that option vs. hooking up to the laptop; especially since I have plain old laptop with no graphic chip.

I’m not writing any of this from a perspective of any authority on this, but I think in the near term there isn’t any way to do this.  To speculate a little it might be possible if Zwift wanted to emulate the bridge method that Kinomap uses:

That feels a bit complex and hard to support though.  A more likely scenario in my view would be through the newer yellow brick control interface for the CT that has wifi.  More importantly, it has the bluetooth chipset but to date I don’t believe RacerMate has programmed the system to actually utilize it so we have scarce little information about whether a CT will only broadcast power values of BT or whether it will be two way communication that would enable wireless control of the trainer.

There are several big “maybe” parts of this answer that lead me to be sure that CT support for iOS on Zwift is not near term and could be in the “never” column.

What about this option

The Wahoo ANT+ key won’t work with Zwift iOS. 




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