Zwift Install & update - Z117 & 620 error code windows 10

Hi Folks;

just a heads up if anyone is having an issue install Zwift on windows 10 and get the following error code:

“update failed during patching. Error Code Z117 at line 620 in patcher.cpp.
Please contact Zwift support. would you like to go to the Zwift support page now ?.”

I had this error code and looked at support page, but no joy. Have contacted Zwift support and they only point you to the support page - Useless.

spent a few hours looking into this and found that a folder called “Zwift” appeared in the downloads folder while the application was trying to do the update. On further investigation into this folder found that this was the patch files that the updater was trying to use.
After testing a few things out found that if you copied the contents of the “Zwift” folder in downloads and pasted this into the “zwift” folder in the “C:\program files (x86)\zwift”, accepting the prompt to overwrite 5 files, then the desktop icon when run will now start the application in the patched version.

I have now tested this on my own PC and daughters Laptop and it works.

Come on “Zwift Support”, if I can diagnose a work around in a couple of hours, what are you doing to support your paying customers.

Hope this helps someone.