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Hi, Is it possible the Zwift to mount video register camera on TV motor bike and so to record the stages of the tours and after it to show real video of the Zwift monitors? So the everybody in Zwift will have opportunities to feel like real bicyclist from view point of the motorbike camera.

That’s not really how Zwift works.

I still suggest you give Zwift a try since you are still showing 0km ridden.


If riding to video of real courses is what you want, there are multiple other programs that will do it (BigRingVR, Sufferfest, and Rouvy to name 3). Zwift has a different model that has worked very well and I don’t believe they are going to change it to video based. I have both Zwift and a video based trainer program and I find I ride Zwift the majority of the time.

Give it a try and if it’s not to your liking, then try one of the other programs.

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Why hasn’t this idiot been booted from zwift forums?