Zwift in portrait mode on iOS 16 [September 2022]

We’ve been alerted to an issue on iOS devices caused when those devices are updated to iOS 16 and also when Apple Health Data Access is enabled.

The game will flip from landscape (horizontal) mode, to portrait (vertical) mode like in the image below, and you will be unable to return to the session.


  1. Force-close the Zwift app. Here’s how. Swiping into the background is not the same as force-closing.
  2. Restart Zwift.
    This issue should not recur after these steps.

This appears to be a bug in iOS16 that impacts other apps. The Apple developer community is working toward a fix with Apple Support. We are looking into potential fixes on our end while waiting on an update from Apple.

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Is Zwift also enabling other aspect ratios on iPad? particularly for iPads with M1 chip on external displays?