Zwift in Background

(K.C. Race3R) #1

ZwiftHQ … We need to be able to minimize the Zwift game when we want to run it in the background.  We all know that this should be very easy to add this function as Zwift minimizes sometimes when we do NOT want it to minimize. If there is a secret key to minimize, then please tell us.    We also need to be able to mute Zwift game sound in the game, not via the PC. Why? Sometomes someone might want to log miles on Zwift, but watch something else partially or fully on screen … Like an NHL hockey game, for example … Pls advise as hockey season has started and I am currently riding and not logging my ride on Zwift as Zwift insisted on takingover my full PC.   Thanks.     

(Matt Canna) #2

Go to settings menu and select the window not full screen.  Then resize the window.



(K.C. Race3R) #3

That is great news.  THANK YOU.   

(Matt Canna) #4

I do it when i run youtube.  But i need to do as i have a dual screen display.  I run zwift thru projector and my other monitor is my youtube control.