Zwift in a studio environment?

I just wanted to let you folks know that I continue to enjoy your excellent software. Riding indoors is now fun, and Zwift gives me a compellingly positive rationale to just hop on the bike and pedal.

As Zwift is the best thing going on planet earth in terms of virtual riding, I wonder if you are considering making a studio version (with commensurate pricing) of this product?

Possible studio features:
a) The island is restricted only to those riders at the studio.
b) A toggle might be created which would allow the weakest riders to be able to ride with the strongest riders. Call it the “FTP Equalizer.” People get to ride together AND train hard.
c) Unclutter the central riding screen, especially for structured training programs. Each rider’s data is placed in a box that can be moved about. Of course, this means that a studio must make use of at least two screens --but most studios already have mulli-screeens. I do this sort of thing already when I run PerfPro and Zwift at home concurrently.

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I’d be very interested in something like this too.

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As someone opening a trainer studio soon. I would love to bring Zwift to the studio with more options like this. 

ditto. would love to see this available for studios.