Zwift Ideas and Suggestions

Zwift Ideas and Suggestions

Here are two of my Zwift ideas and suggestions which I think would be fun to have:

  1. A way to share a custom made workout with friends. It would be fun to send a friend a workout to try out to see if they can complete it. Of course you could just send them the details and get them to make it themselves, but having a share function would save them having to build it from scratch and perhaps mean they’d more likely try out the workout.

  2. A ‘to failure’ block in custom made workouts whereby you can set a power to hit and ride at that power until failure! You could have a 5 second timer appear for when you go 10 watts below the set power, after which that section of the workout would then end and go on to the next block you put in place. This would create some brutal workouts and push people further as well as make workouts a bit more fun and interesting! The total ride time for the workout would depend on how long you would hold out on each failure set.

What do we think?


1 is already possible: email the workout to your friend and they save it to their Zwift folder to have it appear in their list of workouts