Zwift HUB Restock Update

Thanks all. I received mine yesterday. Very happy with it. I have my Tacx Smart S replaced with the Zwift: HUB. Until now very happy with it.

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Seriously, you didn’t anticipate this at all? No market research??

Not in Canada?

No schedule for Canadian release yet.

I just assumed it would be released here, so I waited patiently until the 3rd and then couldn’t understand why I didn’t seem to able to order it.

Disappointed and baffled .

They are already sold out in the USA and I believe they will be for a while as this trainer meets what “normal” cyclist need to enter into Zwift world.
Maybe next year, who knows? As there are no announcements yet for us Canucks.
I predict other smart trainer prices to drop sharply by year end, as a matter of fact it’s already started on many of them.
So it might be a smart move to wait for the ZwiftHub to be available in Canada or look at another brand that will be cutting their price because of the ZwiftHub effect.
Good luck shopping!

Was any stock held back for DOA replacements?

I have an open ticket for no power/speed/cadence being transmitted from my new hub and support staff have gone dark.

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I checked with Jetblack in Australia (I’m also Australian) and while there is an upcoming release of the Volt V2 there, they told me there is no date for release here in Canada. So, I’ve decided to splash the cash and get a Tacx Neo 2T this week.


Page has been updated:

Perhaps given themselves a month to address the Wahoo situation.

Or replace all the faulty ones before selling anymore?

That’s my experience - my ‘warranty replacement’ was delivered this morning and it was confirmed from support that it was not part of a held back stock, it was recently received stock.

Currently, we’re expecting to have served everyone on our waitlist and have Zwift Hub available in normal stock by late winter.

Does that mean by end of this year or by end of April 2023?

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probably dependant on the outcome of the wahoo court case i’d guess.


I’m since september on the waiting list but nobody has contacted me yet.

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I didn’t get an email either … I think what happened was that the Hub came into stock and then sold out before the emails were issued to say that it was now available.

Someone set up a Twitter bot that scans for Zwift Hub availability if you want to stay on top of this:

Thanks! Placed my order.

That’s the 2nd time I didn’t get a heads up from Zwift despite being in the mailing list.


Hi Jos, did you get any indication of delivery time when you purchased from that page?

Yes, I received it the next day. But found out it shipped from a warehouse 30km from my home.
The 25 euro for delivery was a bit high taking that Into consideration. Could have picked it up myself.