Zwift Hub One inconsistent power control up Alpe d'zwift

hi there,
just tried riding up Alpe on my new zwift hub one…on latest software with zwift clicks and
trainer difficulty at 100%. the steeper it was…shifting down to around 7th or 6th gear…
hub was simply unable to follow the changing inclines and providing a natural feel.
watts changed around 300 to150w in seconds. numbers were everywhere but steady.
short after the 1st switchback changed power output to my Quarq crankset it was fine as in the old
kickr days.
anyone else with similar experience?

If you feel a noticeable loss of resistance it’s possible the trainer might be overheating when providing high resistance for a sustained period of time. Some things you can try to test that theory include aiming a fan directly at the trainer, or spinning faster at the same power level (lower gear or lower Trainer Difficulty).

What? overheating?..cannot believe that…
as a sidenote…the hub is located at a rather cold envirement…around +5 to +10°C…in my shed,
and Hub has to simulate incline anyways even when power comes from the Quarq crankset.
which it does then…

Hmm that’s a good point. Overheating is not a rare problem with trainers but as you say, resistance should be the same with the alternate power source.