Zwift Hub One cog touching my framestay

Hi, my name is Pablo and I’ve just got my Zwift Hub One.
Upon mounting my bike, the framestay is touching against the cog and won’t allow it to move.
See the images below:

My bike is a Boardman SLR 9.4 (2015 model)
Am I doing something wrong or is my bike not compatible with the Hub One?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Did you use the pink adapter?

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I measured the inside of my dropouts and it’s 130, so I used the pink adapter as instructed.

Here’s a picture of the other side just in case:

Thanks again

Looks like the frame is not compatible. This is just my best guess based on your photos.

Where the frame rubs on the right side, you might be able to address that by installing a cassette on the trainer instead of the Cog. If the frame is in contact with the trainer on the left side there’s not much you can do about that. I can’t tell if it’s touching the left chainstay.

It looks like the chainstay on that frame is designed to allow only small cogs, and the Zwift ‘cog’ is just much too large a diameter.

Is there a way to take off the plastic part? I know it helps to retain the chain in case of using your shifter.

Yes you should be able to replace the plastic part with a stack of cassette spacers. This video will have some clues for you.

You can get a kit of spacers of various widths that you would assemble to match the width of the plastic part, like this:

Note that I have not tried this change myself since I don’t have a Cog but it ought to work.

I think something like this would also work…

Sure, or just use a normal cassette