Zwift Hub One - Bike build

I’m thinking of doing a budget bike build solely for use on Zwift Hub One.

Would I be right in assuming I can do away with levers, and any sort of front and rear mech, in effect a 1x fixed gear bike with no brakes.

If so, any thoughts on what size chainring would work best or doesn’t it matter?

For bike build check out this video. The chain tensioner might be useful.

For what front chainring to use this previous post covers it about as well as anything on this forum. I think in summary suggestions are:

From Zwift - make sure your chain is aligned as straight as it can be - in theory it should be with just a single front chainring.

From users - possibly bigger front chainring may create better/smoother feel.

Thanks Ian. Really useful.

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I would probably still go with a rear mech, so I could fine-tune the chain position. :slight_smile:

Isn’t that what the single speed chain tensioner is designed to do?

A tensioner would just keep the chain taught, having the rear mech would allow you to fine tune the left/right alignment to the Hub One Gear/Sprocket.

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