Zwift Hub Headaches

Switched over from a trouble-free Wahoo Snap to a Zwift Hub a few weeks ago and have had continual connection issues between the Hub and my laptop (PC). Everything connects up fast and is working when i first start riding but 30-40 seconds in, my display freezes and clears; my bike stops; and then in about a second or two it starts right back to normal for another 30-40 seconds until it goes through the whole thing again. I am not getting any error message when this happens. Today I thought I would try running things through the companion app and everything went smoothly. After I was done riding I tried doing a calibration spindown and Zwift hung up trying to find my device. It’s weird because when I cancel the test, my Hub shows up as connected and works fine when I went back to riding. My firmware is up to date and the Companion app is up to date. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Which firmware? 4.0 or 3.9? Lots of problems reported with 4.0. Contact support.

Interesting…when I look at my Hub through ZC app, it shows v3.9 & tells me my firmware is up to date. I guess I can add “Why isn’t my Hub not seeing updates available?” to my list of Hub woes. (ZC app is up to date.)