Zwift Hub firmware update got stuck

Hi everyone,

after assembling my brand new Zwift Hub trainer I followed the setup guide and tried to make a firmware update with the iOS Companion app. After starting the update process on the Companion app, either the app or the trainer crashed.
The trainer is now showing the red LED, when opening the “Zwift Hardware” section in the Companion app the LED switches to a steady blue, but the Hub can’t be found by the app. Trainer switches back to red LED after a while.
I also tried to use another iPhone and turned Bluetooth off on mine, but to no avail.

Is there any hard reset or similar on the Zwift Hub? Has anyone else encountered the same issue? Or are there any other recommendations how to proceed?
I’d really love to start zwifting…


Hi @TimHH welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. It looks like you contacted my Support colleagues via email, and they’ve replied with steps for a return / exchange. Please check your email and respond to that, as that process is done offline to protect your privacty.

Thanks, they reached out to me and there is a solution!

Hi Tim.
I have the same issue.
What was your solution ?

@Marc_Linsmeau Please contact support, we ended up in exchanging my Hub with a new one.