Zwift Hub Firmware Update Failed; LED solid red

I am setting up my zwift for the first time. Last night, I powered on the Zwift Hub and got a flashing blue light. I successfully paired via Bluetooth, and started the firmware update.

The firmware update randomly stalled in the middle of the process, and since then, the LED light on the Hub is solid red. I have tried to power off/on, even off overnight and on the next day. I have tried on android phone and on Apple TV. The issue I am having is that the Hub is not going into a connective mode (flashing blue light) so I am unable to re-download the firmware update.

What should I try next?

Hi @Erin_Harvey_Loyka, welcome to the forums.

That doesn’t sound good, have you tried contacting Zwift support?

Also, try powering off all devices and then only turn back on your primary device (apple TV probably) and see if it connects?

Def try support first. The volt has an article on how to deal with it when it happens there but would check if a similar one is available from Zwift support first. Search the page below for RED

I tried support. They have been unresponsive to messages in chat and email for hours. Have you had success with them? Im trying to be patient, but not even an auto-response from a bot is unprofessional and im getting nowhere. It says on their faq that solid red is a firmware issue.

I have no idea how to fix it. There is no option to re-download the firmware.

Sorry, I dont have a Hub. The zwift companion app won’t connect to it to update the firmware?

I used support a couple of times - via email. Took a couple of days but got a reply. That doesn’t help you though.

Could try one of the blue tooth apps to see if can see any broadcast from the hub. That utility above would most likely work but would need Zwift Support to send you the firmware as a file to use it. I can’t see anywhere online they are available to just download.

Hopefully support come back to you with an answer. They should build recovery into the companion application. Good luck. They are great devices so I hope you get it working soon!

Did you happen to find a solution? I’m having the exact same problem setting up my Hub right now.

Unfortunately, no. Zwift was entirely unhelpful. They intermittently replied to my requests for troubleshooting with lines like ‘That sounds stressful. We have elevated your issue to the next level.’ They must have like 100 levels that pass the request along because I never got to anyone who gave me any aswers. I asked for return instructions just in case. Then they said ‘oh, it sounds like you want to return.’ and I responded, ‘I don’t want to return, I want to fix the one I have.’

Ultimately, they didn’t offer to send me a replacement. I emailed them back and forth for over a week. They never answered my questions that I framed around me wanting to appropriately set my expectations. I asked them what timezone support was in and the best time for them (they responded in the middle of the night usually for me). I asked them how busy they were and when I could expect a response. To me, it seems like there is a known issue and they are trying to ignore it. They continue to ship units that are not passing quality tests, or more likely there is no quality control in the process. They are a software company that is screwing up the roll-out of hardware. In conclusion, the Zwift team was very unprofessional and extremely unhelpful. I had a very unfortunate experience with them.

I tried doing that. Nothing worked! Just a red light. Sometimes the app would say Connected - No Signal. It had to do with the firmware because it worked prior to attempting the update.

Sorry you got the run around. That is really bad. I dislike support models with no ownership. Had similar issues with a mini split that wasn’t working and some cabinets we bought that were damaged. Never got the same person and always a different answer. Was very frustrating.

The same firmware failure seems to happen with the VOLT so I don’t know why they don’t do an article with the download of nRF Tool Box App and a path to the firmware. That way users could fix it.

At the very least would have thought you would have had another sent out and you send that one back. That seems to be what some users are reporting happening with other issues. Inconsistent support again :frowning:

Totally, I am just glad to no longer be doing business with them!