Zwift Hub doensn't connect Tacx Software

I can’t connect to Zwift Hub to Tacx software. I erased the zwift app from my computer and phone but still doesn’t connect.

To what Tacx software are you trying to connect? And how are you trying to connect?

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we can use the Garmin products in Zwift software. Why don’t use the zwift hardware in Garmin software? Additionally, the Tacx software price is annually 99 USD, zwift is 15 USD monthly.

You have not answered how you are trying to connect.

From the DC Rainmaker site: [Note: The Tacx Training App only connects to Tacx trainers when on iOS or Android , however, on Windows/Mac it can connect to 3rd party power meters.

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I am using a mac and downloaded Tacx software from the app store. I am trying to connect to zwift hub over the software like in the


When I use zwift software computer connects to zwift hub easily.

Sounds like you should open a ticket with Garmin support, this is not a Zwift issue from what I can tell.

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You can be right however, too many topics about connection problems in this forum about Garmin hardware. Zwift hub is new hardware I think maybe someone has got lived the same problem.

NOTE: Some third-party trainers with Bluetooth may be able to connect to the apps; however, they will not function correctly.


Thank you Mike, I think trainers should be universal. That can be working all of the software. Zwift monthly price is too high when compare the Garmin.

do you know what the common link between those trainers is? they’re all Tacx trainers.

It isn’t unreasonable to expect a trainer manufacturer to have software that only works with their trainers if it is free.

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this is debatable. Zwift was just a software maker until 3 months ago. Now he has produced his own machine. If Zwift currently removes compatibility with machines from other manufacturers, it will have serious problems. This results in a large company like Garmin wiping out the others from the market. constitutes a violation of competition rules.

For what it’s worth, Zwift did not produce their own machine. They, effectively, licensed (and subsided, I would guess) someone else’s trainer. Because of this their only real expectation, I would guess, is that it work on their software. I don’t think they want to subsidize the purchase of a trainer for users to go elsewhere. It’s the recurring subscription fees that are the goal.

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Hi @Salih_Beyaz

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I tested the Saris H3 smart trainer and it also does not connect to the tacx App, the Tacx Flow does connect to the software.

I also tested a Stages power meter and Assioma Due Power meter pedals non of them connected.

I assume Tacx only want you to use a Tacx device on their software.

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I agree with you that companies are targeting monthly membership fees. I think the best example in this regard is the Microsoft office program. In the past, we used to buy the program once and use it for life. Now we pay money every month. As I wrote above, zwift monthly membership is 15 USD, while Garmin is 99 USD per year. What is normal for this price? That can be seen small price but should be discussed

the trainer’s effectively are universal, the ant+ and bluetooth FTMS protocols are universal. The software, Tacx in this example, is the one restricting what trainers can connect.


You could always try something like FulGaz, instead of Zwift. It is less costly (especially if you get the annual subscription), and also offers a free add-on membership to someone else in your household. It is not as ‘full-featured’ as Zwift (IMO), but it works.

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The Tacx training app for mobile devices (phones, tablets) only supports Tacx branded trainers. Their desktop app, oddly, does support third-party trainers. This is noted in DCRainmaker’s review of the app, here: Cycling Trainer App In-Depth Guide: 2020 Edition

While I too would like to see Tacx-Garmin support third-party trainers, as was pointed out, this is entirely on them, not Zwift. You can submit a feature request for missing functionality here:

I own a Tacx trainer and having used both Zwift and Tacx software, I continue to pay for Zwift, not Tacx. They are vastly different vis-a-vis user-experience.

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