Zwift Hub and poor customer service

Extremely disappointed in Zwift’s customer service for the Hub trainer. I’ve received several emails, each time from a different person. It appears no one is really working on the issue of getting the Hub to calibrate to the program on my computer. In the last email, the agent said “In this situation, we can offer you to return the Zwift Hub and then refund the full amount to your account. If you agree to this option, please visit the correct region link below to get started”

Really??? That is your solution?

Hi @Susan_Lasich

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. There’s a small army of my colleagues who provide assistance round the clock via email. This is why you’ll hear from different people, but they can all read the history of your conversation with us.

Please check the email that was sent after you wrote in here - you are not able to calibrate the Hub trainer over and ANT+ connection, only over Bluetooth. If you remove your ANT+ dongle to force the computer to work over Bluetooth, you should see the wrench icon that enables the spindown calibration